Tuesday, February 14, 2006

WTF is übersurf??

Good question. übersurf is this website/company I came up with a couple years ago that I hope to one day turn into a very successful venture. It's the surfing website, above all else...literally translated. It's one of those things that came to my mind and the ideas never stop; it truly is never-ending all the things I want to do with it, now and in the future. The problem is that superman has a day job that has to pay the bills. The Daily Planet in my case is Arcadia Capital; Superman's Clark Kent position.

Unfortunately, (or fortunately, depending on which side if the frosted shredded wheat you are asking) I have been so busy as of late that I've devoted no time to übersurf. It's a real bummer because when I'm hitting on cylinders for übersurf, tons of stuff gets done...cool stuff at that. I've surfed with one of my favorite surfers, ever and then chilled out at his place for an interview. I've surfed with and interviewed one of the greatest shapers of all time Donald Takayama. I had lunch with the women's Worl Champion for several years back in the 60's who also was Annette Funicello's stunt double in all those old surf films (Linda Benson). I get free schwag from surf manufacturers; the list goes on.

It'll be finished somedy and it stands to be quite a cool little site once everything comes together. So, as I put new content on there or anything cool happens I'll be sure to let y'all know. Until then, go check out what's there and feel free to join (just don't expect fresh new content all the time :)



I gave in to the popularity contest...

OK, so if you're here you're witnessing the caving-in of a man; the weakening of a once staunch opponent to popularity contests and the mainstream. Yes I, Bryan Mills, have caved in and created a weblog or blog or whatever you want to call it.

I know, I know. They're popular as hell, but that's why it took me this long to start one! Sure, I knew about them long before they became mainstream; before the term "blog" started making its way onto Fox News or CNN (which is the kiss of death for an off-the-radar trend). But, since I tend to take the road less traveled I steered clear.

So, anyway, welcome to my little corner of blogger.com! I probably won't post here with the regularity of some friends and others out there who use a blog as their sole mouthpiece to the world, but I'm sure when I do post it will be fun. So, I'll see you all around and we'll see if I can make this fun and informative and offensive and heartwarming for all that visit :) Aloha

(that's Bryan MIlls, for those not n the know...)