Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lucha, Va VOOM!!

Last night I went to my 3rd Lucha Va VOOM!!! show at the Mayan Theatre in LA. What is Lucha Va VOOM? Glad you asked!

Sex & Violence. Simple as that. My wonderful girlfriend Katie and a few of her friends have been going for years and get ring-side seats for every show and the ringside experience is nothing short of amazing.

You'll have to pardon the sub-par photos from my Blackberry, but these should give you a good idea of what I witnessed. I couldn't get any good photos of the burlesque shows since the lighting was all janky and last I checked, my Blackberry didn't have a strong flash and adjustable aperture and shutter speeds.

If you want to see more, go to Lucha Va VOOM's website or put it in your Google and smoke it.

A "pollo loco" being bitch-slapped by some dude named "The Machine Gun." His partner with the tropical speedo in the background entered the ring to Rupert Holmes' "Escape"

Day of the Dead wrestlers. FYI: that ref sucks...Timmy from South Park can count to 3 faster.

Does this really need any explanation?

Human Tornado with his signature Michael Jackson finishing move...
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