Sunday, March 02, 2008

The grading scale, defined

Yesterday, Katie called her mom and asked what she was up to. "I'm filling out report cards," she'd tell Katie. "The Lady" as Katie refers to her mother, is an elementary school teacher and was telling Katie how some of her students were getting high marks, others not so much. This got me thinking about the A - F grading scale. Why is "E" omitted? Do the letters stand for something? Probably not, but this blog entry would be really boring if I believed that.

Here's what I think the letters of the grading scale stand for.

A = Awesome
B = Better than the dumb-ass in your class
C = C'mon, now; I know you can do better than that
D = Dumb-ass
E = (if it existed) Everybody knows you're a dumb ass
F = Frankly, the dumb-ass makes you look smart

And that is what I think the grading scale letters stand for.

On tap this week: cereal hierarchy, my awesome dog Brisbane, some surfing and more!

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