Thursday, March 20, 2008

March Madness

My favorite time of year is upon us: The Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament. Or, as the media has pounded into us: March Madness.

I'm especially excited because my Kansas Jayhawks are a #1 seed in the Midwest region and have a great team with lots of depth. Every year the KU hopeful compare the team to the 1988 Danny and The Miracles team that last won a championship for KU and this year is no different. But, I heard some interesting little factoids that give the KU hopeful something to chew on that maybe hold a bit more water than some of the other cockamamie tie-in's of years past (and believe me, there are TONS).

  • In 1988, KU played in Nebraska then on to Michigan en route to the Final 4. This year is no different.
  • In 1988 KU played Vanderbilt in the regional semi-finals. This year, they may meet in the same regional semi-finals.
  • In 1988, Kansas State was in the Midwest region along with KU. This year, both teams are in the Midwest region.
  • In 1988, KU faced a Lon Kruger coached team (Kansas State). This year, Lon Kruger coaches UNLV (KU's 2nd round opponent).
Total coincidence? I think not!!

OK, I'm not really that excited about those coincidences but I will admit that it did give me goosebumps when I first heard the similarities.

In all honesty, I do think that this year's team is the best prepared over any team I've followed in the last 13 years and stocked with the players and coaching staff necessary to make the 20-year anniversary of the 1988 Championship something special.

I remember I cried tears of joy the last time KU made the Final Four in 2003 and cried tears of sorrow when they lost to Syracuse in the finals. To say that I am deeply, emotionally and spiritually attached to KU Basketball is an understatement.

My prediction? KU vs UCLA in the final and the good guys send the Bruins home to Westwood with memories of a good season, but no trophy.

Rock Chalk!

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