Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Auf Wiedersehen!

There comes a time in every young man's life when he must travel overseas to pick up a new car...or just backpack across Europe...whatever...
- Bryan Mills

The time is upon us. It is go-time. All systems are a GO for launch over to Europe to pick up the new car. It has been a frenzied last couple weeks with work and planning and what not, but I think we're ready to get up and go. I'll have to do some work while I am overseas (not really a big deal) but with the connectivity/transparency I have setup with my personal and business life, most people won't even realize that I'm gone.

If you know me, you know that I cannot be disconnected from the digital world at all. With that said, I'll be blogging while over in Europe for the next 12 days. If this adventure is anything like my last extended overseas vacation, it should be a pretty entertaining read.

To recap, here's the itinerary...

4/10: Fly to Boston en route to London
4/11: Arrive late in London, grab a Guinness...pass out
4/12 - 4/13: Dilly dally in London trying not to buy much stuff due to the weak-ass US Dollar, aka the Steve Urkel of currencies. I will, however, be splurging for a belated birthday present and buying myself a fine hat from the oldest hat shop in London (founded 1676) James Lock & Co. Hatters.
4/14: Hop on a flight to Munich...go to BMW delivery center and pick up the car out the front door, make a left turn and park it...hop on a train back to MUC and fly to France
4/15 - 4/17: We're visiting some off-the-beaten-path city in France named Paris...I'll let you know what it's like
4/18: Fly back to Munich, pick up the car and drive to Salzburg, Austria and look for the Von Trapp family. 71.7 miles from Munich to Austria...should take about 40 minutes to get there :)
4/19: Relax in lovely Salzburg and enjoy everything Salzburg has to offer
4/20: Take the scenic route back to Munich and meet up with my sister and brother in law
4/21 - 4/22: BIER...lots and lots of the best bier on all around Bavaria in the BMW and let the car experience freedom before having its nuts cut off and sent back to the no fun zone, aka USA Freeways
4/23: Hop on a plane and get back to LA with loads of photos, souveniers and hopefully no parking tickets :)

We're super stoked, we have everything all set up and now we just gotta get the hell out of here. So gang, keep checking back here as I'll be posting regularly and I guarantee you'll dig it.

Auf Wiedersehen!

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