Monday, April 14, 2008


Mein Auto

Ho hum day. Caught a flight from LHR to MUC. Rode the train into Munich. Oh yeah, and picked up a new BMW. Here's the only photo of the car I have (right now) since my camera can't upload photos for a little while. I give you: M-2531Z. We immediately parked the car in the garage and hopped a flight to Paris so I won't see it again until Thursday but sh*t is it cool and BMW kicks some MAJOR ASS with the BMW Welt and European Delivery program. More on this my 3rd country today and I need some rest.

OK, bedtime. I'll send more tomorrow, I promise... In the meantime, here's me freaking out eating a pretzel at BMW Welt and me giving the old girl a good once over.

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