Monday, April 21, 2008

Munich rocks

So, I'm not gonna type much right now and probably will wait until I get back to really post up all the good stories and photos from this trip, but I had to step in for a moment and proclaim Munich as one of the coolest places on Earth.

Last night we went with Katie's friend Sebastian who lives here in Munich to the Spring Festival. It was explained to us as a "mini-Oktoberfest" which was surely a good sign. It turned out to be one hell of a party. There were probably about 1500 Germans in the beer tent (this was no tourist thing; you had to be local to know anything was going on and what it was) that was located at the Oktoberfest fair grounds. By the time we left at 11PM (when the tent closed) I had downed 4 liters of Augustiner Bier, which is a Munich beer that does no advertising and does not export their beer outside of Munich. Talk about a local brew!

Dancing on tables, singing, toasting, making friends with Germans; it rocked. You really get a feel for the culture and the heartbeat of the city when you experience something as fun as that festival. Lord knows how many liters of beer were poured last night, but it's safe to say they floated a few hundred kegs before the night was through.

OK, tomorrow is our last full day before we fly back. We're off to the castles in the South and to Oberammergau for a pretty little Bavarian town that everybody pictures when they think of Germany. You'll see photos when I return to the US.


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