Monday, April 28, 2008

This IS a blog about surfing, too...

So I haven't posted much surfing content as of late with the Europe trip and KU winning the national championship but that will change here today.

I picked this custom creation up on Saturday and I am STOKED. I am a disciple of the Bonzer cult and this is basically a standard shortboard shape in my dimensions with a Bonzer setup.

"What's a Bonzer setup" you ask? Well, it's a combination of bottom contours and fin placement that results in greater lift and efficiency of the surfboard as it cuts through the water. As water rushes through the fin cluster and deep bottom contours the last 1/3 of the board, the water is redirected and accelerated as it exits out the back of the board and gives the board incredible speed and a fabled "5th gear" that Bonzer disciples like myself go nuts for. If you have the means, I highly recommend giving one a shot as I know you'll fall in love with the design like I have.

6'5" x 19.375" x 2.5"

This type of board is hands down my favorite to surf and makes me look like I know what I am doing, which is always a good thing. The speed at which you fly down the line, the quickness at which you make your turns and the way the board just does exactly what you're thinking make this board the ultimate surf vehicle, in my book. There's a reason I own 4 of them and will surely own many more down the line.

Malcolm Campbell and his brother Duncan developed the idea back in the 60's and this board is the 4th collaboration I've done with Malcolm. When he starts describing what he's going to do after you tell him what you're looking for, your eyes just light up and you start seeing the board tearing up waves in your mind, he's that good. The wait time is usually about 6-8 months to get one done but I got mine done in record time: 4 months :)

The speed at which this was finished was surely due to this being a plain white board with no color or tint or anything out of the ordinary, with the exception of the totally bitchin red fins. I couldn't just go plain, I had to give it some sort of flair and this board is a stunner with a bleach white finish and crimson red fins. I've preliminarily dubbed this one "Red 5" as a tribute to Luke Skywalker's call sign in Star Wars and the 5 beautiful fins on the business end of the board. If this performs anything like my previous Bonzer creations, it should go as fast as an X-Wing Fighter!

(All photos courtesy of JP over at SurfySurfy. He and his family do all the glassing/color on my boards and are the best in the business, bar none...check out JP's blog, it ROCKS!!)

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Antoine said...

Hey Bryan,

Saw your comment over at surfy-surfy, and it led me here. I've got a call in to Malcolm but haven't yet started the collaboration process, as you call it. The funny thing is, your board is very close to what I'm looking to order. (I was thinking 6'6" x 19 x 2 1/2.) Will be my first bonzer. Anyway, your board looks awesome. Curious to hear what it rides like, and where you'll be riding it.

Cheers, Antoine