Tuesday, June 03, 2008

YouTube Tuesday: Fast Car

I've not posted a YouTube Tuesday in a while, so here ya go.

This is a segment from one of my current favorite TV shows Top Gear. It's a British show broadcast here in the states on BBC America. I'm a big car guy; a really European car guy. I also love comedy and great chemistry between the hosts and Top Gear gets an A+ in every category. If you get BBC America, this is a must see show, even if you're not a big car nut like me.

In this segment, one of the hosts is attempting to take the World's fastest production car (the Bugatti Veyron) to it's top speed of 253mph. Yeah; that's fast...faster than an F1 car. It's no surprise he gets to 253mph and along the way some of the facts revealed about the car and the speed it is traveling are insane. 1 football field a second, burning through an entire tank of gas in 12 minutes...that sort of useless knowledge.

It's a bit long at 7 minutes plus, but worth every second.

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