Sunday, November 08, 2009

It's basketball season

As KU's football team lost it's 4 game in a row this weekend to their intrastate rival K-State, I was reminded of one thing:

It's basketball season

THIS is the KU sports I remember. Hoops is king, football sucks. I guess the difference this year compared to my years in Lawrence is that a 5-4 season is a disappointment not an accomplishment like it used to be. KU will always be a basketball school first, football second. Sadly, no matter how well the football team does it will always be second fiddle to hoops.

I'm bummed that the football team is playing late-90's KU football, but I'm not really that bummed out because it's basketball season. I watched a pre-season game versus Ft. Hays State last tuesday and will probably watch the final pre-season matchup this Tuesday as well. I just don't care about KU football once basketball starts. I never have and I probably never will. The Orange Bowl victory a couple years ago was great but I never really keep up with the team after mid-October. I don't live in Kansas anymore and keeping up with the team and individual players is difficult and the only chance I ever get to watch a game is if it's nationally broadcast. Same thing for basketball, but probably 1/3 or more of the bball team's games can be seen and if you want to go to a bar with the NCAA hoops ticket you can easily watch every game.

I'm sure there will be many KU basketball posts in the months to come of what promises to be a fantastic group of players embarking on a journey that hopefully will end with another NCAA championship.

Rock Chalk...

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