Tuesday, November 24, 2009

YouTube Tuesday: Archimedes Principle & frying a turkey

I'd like to think that Archimedes is rolling over in his grave right now as he listens to this hillbilly referencing the famous principle whilst preparing to drop a turkey into a turkey fryer. I guess the important question is how this dude knew about Archimedes Principle yet still F'd up the pretty simple act of dropping a turkey in a fryer. My record for successful turkey fryer drops is 4-0 and I did not know what Archimedes Principle was prior to seeing this video. I guess the lesson to be learned here is that Archimedes Principle makes you stupid.

It's idiots like this that give turkey frying a bad name, but keep sites like YouTube in business. So, let's all give thanks to this idiot hillbilly turkey fryer and YouTube this Thanksgiving.

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Drewser said...

I love how at about the 0:33 mark, the dog sees things are going downhill fast and makes a quick exit stage left.