Friday, January 08, 2010

Oh yeah, it's a new decade PART 2

Here are what I'd classify as the highs and lows of the 2000's in a free-form, off the top of my head as I think of them, no particular order sort of way.


 - Meeting Katie
 - Graduating from KU
 - KU winning the National Championship
 - Learning to surf
 - Surf trip to Indonesia
 - Visiting a Mentawai village
 - Skydiving (twice)
 - Buying a BMW, taking delivery in Europe
 - Doing that ^^^ a 2nd time
 - No Doubt concert in Irvine
 - The Strokes concert @ The Joint in Hard Rock Las Vegas
 - Leaving Kansas for Los Angeles
 - Leaving Los Angeles for Huntington Beach
 - Learning to trade
 - Meeting Bill Schamp
 - Learning to trade Bill Schamp's LOGIC
 - Brisbane the Pointer puppy
 - My sister's wedding
 - My Dad marrying Suzanne
 - Meeting Charlize Theron at a benefit in Los Angeles
 - Meeting Kelly Slater
 - Helping SurfAid International
 - My first barrel (in Indonesia, of all places)
 - My awesome quiver of surfboards
 - Night surfing @ San O with Mike...full moon and the craziest red tide I've ever seen; it's like we were in space
 - Every San O camping trip with Mike
 - Amit/Mitch's bachelor party in Vegas
 - Rishi's bachelor party in BFE
 - AOE & MTGO battles with Kuka
 - Jap balls and Golden Tee @ Tanners with Brian Brown more times than I care to count
 - My first "real" cuban cigar
 - Discovering green tea
 - 4th of July session with Ed
 - Chicago with Katie, meeting BenT and Greg
 - Sears Tower with the aforementioned gang


 - Driving home from Jardine's in KC
 - Wrecking the Audi on the way home from Jardines
 - Spending a couple hours in jail for wrecking the Audi on suspicion of being drunk (case was dismissed for lack of evidence...not very proud of the whole situation at all)
 - Losing my grandmother
 - Losing Raymond to Seattle
 - Leaving Lawrence
 - Getting pulled over by CHP for driving with expired Kansas plates, 3 months after I got here
 - Having my car towed by CHP for ^^^ and being left to fend for myself with a business card telling me where my car would be
 - Not telling Charlize Theron how gorgeous she was (maybe we could have made out, ya know?)
 - My first REAL earthquake from the 20th story of my office/building in El Segundo
 - Buying land in Florida
 - Selling land in Florida
 - Continued litigation over the Florida deal
 - Buying the old Bronco
 - Selling some of my quiver to pay bills
 - The drive home from Seattle through the Siskyou's
 - The gash in my knee from the tail of a surfboard
 - The resulting infection that left the knee the size of a football
 - Passing out @ eScout and losing my sense of smell in the fall
 - Getting hammered @ Oktoberfest in Big Bear
 - Thinning hair

I'm sure there's more but this is the stuff that really matters. I guess what's most important is that there were more high's than low's and I really had to think hard for the list of low's...and I'd say that's an indicator of a successful decade of life.

Part 3 is all that's left. You get it this weekend...


Paula said...

You've inspired me to drink more green tea. Any favorites?

bmills said...

Well, I'm huge fan of Gyokuro. It's the highest grade Japanese green tea with a very grassy/vegatal taste to it. Don't be scared; it's actually very drinkable. It's rather expensive but I can get 2-3 steepings out of the leaves before they're no good, so the price per cup is actually pretty reasonable.

Look for Sencha, as's very good. Oh and Gunpowder is popular, too, though not my favrite...mix it with Peppermint and it's awesome!

Whatever you do, try to get loose tea as the stuff in tea bags is usually the leftovers and rather fine so it sort of "over brews" if that make sense.

Send me a line if you want more advice!