Thursday, February 21, 2008

Randy Jackson is MY American Idol

Let's talk about "The Dawg" Randy Jackson. Randy rocks. From his over-the-top "YEAH! You're going to Hollywood, baby!!" to his favorite descriptor "pitchy" he just rocks. Oh and you're guaranteed to have him name drop once every few episodes about how he played bass for Journey or some other chart-topper. Whatever. He's a talented musician, he deserves to name drop simply because he played with Journey and that's my final answer.

But what I really love about The Dawg was presented to me last night, clear as a bell.

His eyes.

Look at this photo (I recommend clicking for full-size)

Gaze deeply into my eyes...

How about the size of those eyeballs? I told Katie that Randy's eyes look huge behind those glasses because he probably wears magnifying glass-like lenses like Professor Trelawney in the Harry Potter films for dramatic effect.

You're going to Hollywood, Mr. Potter!

I dont think I've seen The Dawg with his glasses off but if I ever do, I'm imagining that his eyes will be awfully small. Maybe never know.

OH! And if I ever need to have bad news about my health delivered to me, I want The Dawg to deliver it. Skip ahead to 3:59.

If you're not willing to watch a mediocre at best performance of Rescue Me, Randy says--very matter of factly, sounding somewhat stoned--to Simon "she's got the bronchitis, dude..." as the excuse for the lackluster performance. Imagine going to the hospital and The Dawg walking into the room and saying, "You've got the goiter, dude..." I mean, I could take the news if it were delivered like that. Talk about great bedside manner!

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