Friday, March 14, 2008

Giving credit where credit is fondue

Hard to believe that it took me 31 years to try eating melted cheese with cubes of bread on the end of a 1-foot, 2- pronged fork...but that wait is over. Birthday dinner: The Melting Pot. Yeah baby!

It was everything I had dreamed of, though admittedly I had never dreamed about fondue (thank god). After last night, though, I might find myself dreaming of falling off a cliff into a fondue pot with Gruyere and Emmenthaler cheese. Ever had that dream? The food was pretty damn good and the dessert was over the top, but I loved every graham cracker and piece of pound-cake dipped second of it. Will I go again? Absolutely. Will I be sure to work off 1000 calories prior to going? ABSOLUTELY.

I remember growing up that my parents had a fondue set that was strikingly similar to the one below. I enjoyed taking the forks and using them in place of the standard wider and shorter 4-pronged models typically found at the dinner table whenever I could; I never really got far with them and went back to the old stand-by every time. I had to try, though, ya know? Besides, the tops of the forks looked like the pegs from a Mastermind board game which I thoroughly enjoyed, so it was natural that I'd be drawn to the fondue forks for more than just novelty.

Doug & Sue Mills wedding registry item, no doubt

BTW, in my research of fondue I came across this wacky link to a "when fondue parties go bad" as hosted by 2 action figures. Oh and this piece of sheet music below seems to warn us of the inherent danger of mixing whiskey & fondue, in 6/8 time.

Yeah. And you thought I was strange...

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