Monday, March 10, 2008

Hierarchy of cereals part 3

We've saved the best for last.

This is the bacon of cereal; the ultimate breakfast fare. My love affair with Cap'n Crunch dates back probably 20 years and each bowl I have is better than the last. Over the years I have consumed every iteration of Cap'n Crunch, procured a recipe for chicken fingers with CC breading (sublime), and most recently I tried the CC milkshake from Carl's Jr.; a stellar concoction with real Cap'n Crunch bits suspended in dairy goodness! Not sure if you Hardee's folks will get that in your markets, but if you do you must give it a shot.

I correct people often on the spelling and pronunciation of CC; notice that it is Cap'n and not Captain...a common misconception. I'm also quick to point out that CC is part of a balanced breakfast and not just some sugary cereal sure to have your 5 year-old bouncing off the walls for 8 hours straight. I guess the fruit and piece of toast and sausage comprising the remaining parts of a balanced breakfast somehow counteract that, though I'm no nutritionist so what do I know.

CC is sublime for many reasons, most notably its sweet taste and that magic texture that will annihilate the roof of the mouth of an unsuspecting consumer. Here's a tip: if you let the CC sit for a few minutes, stand back; cereal Nirvana. The last bowl of CC is a treat to cherish. That yellow CC dust mixes in with the milk and makes this sweet nectar that is irresistible. If you really want to go crazy, pulverize a bunch of CC and mix it with some milk hang on.

If it's been a while since you ate Cap'n Crunch and worry that it has changed over the years, worry not. Like a comfy college sweater, CC is always like you remember it: comforting and unchanged by the cruel hands of time and innovation.

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Honorable Mention Cereals that didn't make the list, this time...
Corn bran
Golden Grahams
Cocoa Puffs
Cracklin Oat Bran

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