Friday, March 07, 2008

Kicked in the 'nads, once again

This season of American Idol has pretty much sucked. First, the ONLY guy I wanted to make it through to the final round (Kyle Ensley) was the last one eliminated in Hollywood and they sent that Colton guy through who sucked and was first eliminated in the final round. "Oklahoma" as I called him--he wanted to be the Governor of Oklahoma some day--was honestly the most charismatic, genuine contestant in the competition. He was goofy, yes, but the kid could sing. Was he gonna win? No, but he would have done way better than anyone thought he would do; a real inspiration. He was a "real" guy; one of us, not some musically trained wannabe trying to further their already failed or stagnant music career. So, Kyle Ensley, (wherever you are) I agree with Simon that you should have made it and I hope you become the Governor of OK; you didn't need this silly TV popularity contest.

Here's Kyle on Ellen

With Kyle gone and the rest of the competition a boring foregone conclusion since that 9 or 10 y/o kid David is gonna win, I needed a reason to watch.

Enter Danny Noriega. At least I have his overly flamboyant, androgynous fashion sense and gayer than Richard Simmons entertainment to look forward to each night. Oh, that's right...he was voted off last night by America in its infinite wisdom. Way to go, America: you eliminated this year's Sanjaya way too early and now the fun-factor of Idol has been reduced to a 1 out of 10.

So, Idol kicks me in the family jewels once again. Now that's pitchy, dog.

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