Thursday, March 06, 2008

Hierarchy of cereals part 2

Picking up where we left off in the last hierarchy of cereal post, this is the continuation of a very prestigious list. Loaded with sugar, and taste, these next cereals will find themselves in my shopping basket more often that not. Enjoy the upper ranks of the breakfast cereal hierarchy as we unveil cereals #2 - 5.

#2: Lucky Charms
Frosted Lucky Charms, they're magically delicious! What a great jingle and what an amazing cereal. Combine the frosted oats of Alpha-Bits with astronaut-like freeze-dried marshmallows and you have a killer breakfast combo that I'll eat any day. Much like my beef with Trix, I think General Mills should have left this cereal the way it was and not fancy it up with new charms and wacky colors. I, myself, joined when purple horseshoes entered the mix and any new charms added thereafter are automatically lame. I'll still devour them, though.

#3: Mini-wheats
I consider this a healthy cereal, even though it's 50% sugar. Only 1 side is covered with a hard, white sugar glaze and only 50% sugary cereal seems like enough to earn the "healthy" moniker. I even got Mom to allow this cereal for regular consumption as a kid, and that was a tough feat. The bite-size variety is my favorite but I'll take the original size, too. The wheat biscuits soak up milk and when you bite into them...milky explosion, coupled with enough sugar to make you want more...and more...and more. Near the end of the bowl, it becomes a search and rescue mission as these Titanics of wheat and sugar sink like a rock. Oh, and how could you not love the commercials?? Pure genius. This is a solid cereal contender and one you'll find in my pantry more often that not.

#4: Golden Crisp
NOT Smacks, people; there's a difference. This is an exotic cereal if ever there was one. The appearance. The flavor. That weird foil-lined bag in the box. The mysterious mascot Sugar Bear with his cool, hip stylings and catchy jingle. Yes, this ons one cereal you almost have to eat, just to see what the hype is all about

#5: Frosted Flakes
They're grrreat! (because they're Corn Flakes encased in sugar). This cereal is almost too sweet for me, but I always find a way to push through to the end and pour another bowl. (In the name of science, people, in the name of science) Hell, these save you the time, effort and expense of adding sugar to your Corn Flakes so that right there should be worth something. In Spanish-speaking countries, they're called "Zucaritas" and are muuuuuy bueno! and "Flutie Flakes" are a private-labeled Frosted Flake for everyone's favorite hail Mary tosser. [Sidenote: how gracefully does Tony the Tiger age? For being 56 years old, that dude looks grrreat! I'm sure he's had some work done, but still...I'd kill to look like that in 26 years.]

One post to go. What cereal is the über-cereal? Stay tuned for the final post...

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