Monday, March 31, 2008

KU responsible for more grey hairs

First off, let me apologize to y'all. I've been a bad blogger as of late. The job I do for fun when I'm not blogging for money got wicked-busy in the last 5 days. WICKED BUSY! So, my blogging efforts and Brisbane's creative efforts have been lacking as of late. Oh yeah and couple that with my looming trip to Europe next Thursday (yikes!) and all the planning that goes into leaving the country for 12 days, visiting 4 other countries, picking up a car and getting life straightened away here and you might understand why the content here is funky...but not fresh. So, let's BLOG!!!!!!!

No way. We did it??!!

HOLY SH*T PEOPLE!!! I am so stoked right now that the most talented team KU has had since I became a Jayhawk managed to figure out a way to NOT blow it like they did in 1996 or 2006 or many other times in my 13 years as a Jayhawk, I'm sure. Oh, they tried their best to disappoint, believe me...but in the end the basketball Gods decided it wasn't gonna happen; not this year.

My MVP: Sasha Kaun. Here he is showing their big guys how to play above the rim.

With the ball in the hands of the best performer in the tournament--or even the country right now--and their team down 2 with 16 seconds left, Stephen Curry fell prey to stifling defense and had to give it up to some guy that wasn't Curry and the shot sailed left.

When the horn sounded I didn't know what just happened. Did we win? No way. There had to be a foul or a scoring blunder; something was wrong. But why are the KU players jumping for joy? Why is Matt Kleinmann running the length of the floor?? Sit down you jackass...we're gonna get a technical and Davidson is gonna shoot free throws and tie it to go to OT!! Wait a second...Davidson's coach is walking slowly towards Bill Self, looking defeated. Scoreboard is on the screen. 59-57 KU. Oh. My. God. They did it. They won. They're going to the Final Four.

Great photo collage of yesterday's festivities (click to enlarge)

In all honesty, I had faith from the opening tip. I wasn't cocky that we'd win going into the game, but I had a feeling this team wouldn't disappoint. I knew they'd try to blow it, but not this year; this year is different...special. I knew we were OK from about 3:35 onward. Curry couldn't hit the broad side of a barn and the rest of the team started to look scared and look to him for guidance as they had the 3 games prior. But, he couldn't carry the team one more game. He was spent and his performance showed it. If he had gas left in his tank, he would have got free and taken the shot...and probably make it. While the KU players all looked nervous and feared they would screw it up, they had life in them and they got back to the 1 thing this team does best: play team defense. And defense wins championships...

Don't get me wrong: Davidson is for real. Curry is a superfreak and that team is the best 10-seed that tournament will ever see; best 4 seed that tournament will ever see. Much kudos to them for their incredible run, but as a good friend of mine said "Davidson doesn't understand. We're supposed to play UNC and that's just how it goes..."

And that, my EXACTLY how it goes...

All KU, all week my friends. Let's get amped for the Final Four!!!!


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