Tuesday, March 25, 2008

YouTube Tuesday - Kelly

For YouTube Tuesday, I'm going a little surfy surfy on ya today.

If one man and one wave could illustrate the feeling of being a surfer and how dynamic and incredible the experience is, that one man would be Kelly Slater and that one wave would be Rincon. Kelly's weapon of choice? A fish. Bitchin.

Trestles gets all the hype in Southern California and deservedly so; it's a world class wave, no doubt about it. But I think the unsung hero; the hidden gem (if you can call a wave visible from the freeway and surfed by hundreds every day "hidden") is Rincon. You don't have to surf to know that wave is nothing short of amazing. Look how it just rolls on, never sectioning out, never losing steam, going on forever and never looking ominous or board-breaking. Obviously, Kelly makes it look easy (8-time world champs have a knack for doing that) but if seeing 1 man riding that wave having that much fun doesn't get you stoked and make you want to surf, then you weren't watching the same video :)

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