Sunday, December 06, 2009

Trading wrap-up

This wraps up our week-long trading post extravaganza.

What did we learn this week?

 - We learned what futures contracts are, where they're traded and that they're the only instrument I would ever trade.
 - We saw what open outcry is and (hopefully) gained an appreciation for the way trading used to be handled and the characters that make floor trading so great
 - You saw what a day in the life of this trader is like, however boring that may be
 - You hopefully learned that no matter how you slice it, trading is always better than investing and becoming very active in your investments is a very good thing

 - We learned that while trading may be gambling,  I'm the Casino

If you ever want to learn more about what I do or about trading in general don't hesitate to ask. It's difficult for me to offer you investment advice as I'm anything but an investor. As a trader, I'm only concerned with the ride, not the destination, and that may be different than your desired investment goals. But, if you're getting active in handling your investments I can probably offer a bit of advice from time to time.

If you read through the entire week of posts, I congratulate and thank you. If you picked up just a couple posts, that's cool too. If you've only read this, then you must feel like an idiot and I concur; go back and read the posts starting on Monday and your sins will be forgiven.

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