Tuesday, December 08, 2009

YouTube Tuesday: His light show is better than your light show

Do you remember this house from a few years back? This is the original bad-ass Christmas light show house syncronized to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. This display consists of over 25,000 lights and took 2 months to set up. People can drive by and tune their radios to a certain frequency and listen to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra while watchting the show in perfect synchronization. Miller Lite used this house in a commercial the following Christmas season so with luck the guy got compensated for his fun Christmas light project in addition to bragging rights for best neighborhood light show.

It's pretty epic and while there may be others out there that are bigger or better, this is the one that started it all and that's still worth something in my book.

So, here ya go. Get yourself in the holiday mood!

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