Friday, August 20, 2010

Foodspotting gets the 2.0 moniker and is better than ever

A while back I told you about Foodspotting. Do you remember that post? OK, well here's your bullet points:
  • You take photos of a specific food/dish at a restaurant
  • You upload those photos to the Foodspotting site along with a little description of the food, if you're feeling randy
  • People can then look for foods around them or at specific restaurants and see photos of the yummy food you just snapped a photo of
They came out with an iPhone app a few months ago and it was OK, but it was buggy and lacked a lot of functionality and features you'd expect. Well, 3 days ago they came out with version 2.0 of both the site and the iPhone app and both are bad-ass improvements.

I loved the site and the concept before, now I'm shopping for the ring. It's such a great idea and the way it integrates with iPhone (Android, soon) Twitter and Facebook are extremely well executed. It's insanely fun to look at some of the dishes around the world and search for dishes that have been spotted near you; I've searched out dishes and restaurants from photos on the site and am glad I did; the photos really did them justice. I've bookmarked foods from all over the place to try when I'm anywhere near them and the guides provided by foodspotters, famous chefs and so forth for various cities really give you a chance to find not only the restaurants you should visit but see photos of the dishes that these people recommend. Sofa King cool.

So if you have iPhone you have no excuse to not use this app (it's free) and even if you don't there's no reason you shouldn't become a foodspotter and snap photos of your food and share them with the rest of the world, especially if you're visiting a place that's not yet known to the Foodspotting community.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this article bmills! It seems like a very nice foodie app.

A newcomer in the foodies web apps area is Gourmious:

The nice thing is that you can review dishes and restaurants so you don't need to go back and forth between multiple sites to get what you want.

Gourmious is taking a different approach regarding their mobile app. It is what we call a "mobile web app" so it has the advantage to run on 4 different mobile platforms: iPhone, Android, Palm Pre and Blackberry.

I saw close to 200 dishes in the bay area so it is promising.

I think it is made by a foodie living in the SF bay area.